5 Effective Promotional Product Ideas for Business Gifts

Promotional Product IdeasUsing promotional product as gifts for clients and colleagues provides a great opportunity to promote your business. When your gifts are used by the recipients, or even re-gifted to someone else, other people will inadvertently see them in use. So in essence, if your logo is strategically placed on the items you give away as business gifts, chances are that you’ll be getting lots of advertising without the need for a lot of leg work on your part.

Consider using these five promotional product ideas as business gifts:

Printed T-Shirts

Everyone can use an extra t-shirt whether it ends up being worn everyday or just as workout gear. You can include a large company logo of opt for a nice design with your logo nonchalantly included somehow.

Logo’d Cocktail Glasses

Everyone includes coffee cups as part of their promotional product ideas, so they aren’t very exciting to most recipients. Try giving away cocktail glasses instead, complete with a recipe printed on each glass. You can put your company name along the lip line of the glasses where they can be read but don’t overwhelm the design of each glass.

Custom Dart Boards

A dart board is one of the best promotional product ideas to use as a gift because they can be set up just about anywhere, and they tend to draw the attention of even those who aren’t sports enthusiasts. Because of this, they will likely be used by the recipients so the printed message on the base of the board will potentially be seen by hundreds throughout the years.


Umbrellas are only used outdoors so they are typically seen by hundreds of people during just one outing. Darker colored umbrellas will hold up longer to wear and tear which makes them more cost effective as promotional product ideas.

Paper Weights

Imagine a paper weight on the desk of your colleagues across the community that has your business name on them. Some of the customers of those colleagues will undoubtedly take notice, offering you a little piece of free advertising each time they do.

Implementing two or three of these promotional product ideas into your rotation will keep things fresh throughout the year is always a good idea. This helps if you’re giving away products to the same circles of people. Offering a choice in gifts to customers will ensure that they’ll be used more often in public too.