Most know Jon Sooy and GoSooy as Inbound Marketers. Promotional Marketing is the only old-school marketing strategy that is in perfect alignment with the most progressive changes in modern marketing. To learn more about GoSooy’s Digital Marketing services, Click Here to visit GoSooy’s home site. 

Always on the bleeding edge of marketing, Jon and his team still embrace the remarkable benefits of a good Promotional Product Marketing Strategy. Jon has been involved in Promotional Marketing for his entire career: first as a manufacturer, then as a distributor.

GoSooy is continually on the bleeding edge of all things marketing and works to set a new standard of excellence for it’s clients. Our goal is to be the most creative and innovative resource for our clients. GoSooy has strategically partnered with HALO Branded Solutions to ensure that our client’s have the best resources and best buying power in the nation. This ensures that GoSooy clients are positioned to get the most out of their Promotional Product spend.

Whether you are looking for inexpensive trade show items or unique corporate gifts, GoSooy will only provide the best in quality, originality and cost effectiveness. If you compare our prices, you will see that from pens to high-tech accessories to executive toys, our prices are competitive.

We are ready to help you select your promotional bags, desk items, golf gifts and more. We can help you make selections from our website or from the vast array of additional items that we can tailor to your specific needs.

Experience Counts

GoSooy has over 20 years of experience in the Promotional Products industry. We have seen every stage of the industry’s evolution and we know what works best. So when you tap into our resources, you can rest assured that you will receive the most up to date and most current advice about the best products, the best supplier sources for getting it done or the best solutions for a challenge. There’s a lot of experience and brain power pulling for you.