Business Promotional Items Go Organic and Biodegradable

Go Green Promotional Items Santa RosaAs a business owner, you want to know you are receiving the most value for your advertising dollar. There are numerous mediums available, with proponents of each promising theirs is the best methods. However, The Advertising Specialty Institute reports globally conducted surveys indicate specialty advertising on promotional items is one of the most cost-effective; surpassing radio, print advertising and network prime-time television.

Benefits of specialty promotional items:

  • A lower cost per impression than other advertising methods.
  • A substantially higher rate of retention over non-imprinted items. Consumers report a reluctance to dispose of an imprinted item and will pass it along to someone else if they cannot use the item themselves.
  • More than two-thirds of people who received specialized promotional items can identify the advertiser.
  • Almost half of people receiving these items report a more favorable opinion of the business after receiving a promotional item.

Along with a reluctance to dispose of these promotional items, consumer tendency to pass along the item has steadily increased each year. This trend directly reflects a growing awareness of the value of environmentally friendly products.

Benefits of Organic and Biodegradable Business Promotional Items:

The same general benefits are applicable as listed above, with the following additional advantages:

  • Consumers gain an increased favorable impression of a company that openly displays concern for the environment.
  • A increased tendency for consumers to show organic or biodegradable promotional items to others.
  • A greatly increased likelihood that this item will be retained by the original recipient, or passed along to someone else.
  • An additional value level to your marketing campaign by appealing to a quickly growing demographic among consumers.
  • The knowledge that your company is helping the environment, while increasing your market share.

Available Organic and Biodegradable Promotional Items:

The list of available organic and biodegradable promotional items continues to grow, with new items added regularly. Some of the currently available items include:

  • A biodegradable water bottle covered with a hooded sweatshirt.
  • All natural dog treats in biodegradable, 50% post-consumer recycled material packaging.
  • Drink coasters and beverage napkins made from biodegradable and recyclable pulp.
  • Guest towels made from recyclable and biodegradable fibers.
  • Refillable dispensers containing biodegradable bags for picking up after your dog.
  • Tote bags and T-shirts made from 100% organic cotton with low-impact fabric dye.

Small businesses combining the high-value marketing technique of promotional items, with the growing preference for environmentally friendly products, have made a very smart decision.