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Business Promotional Items Go Organic and Biodegradable

As a business owner, you want to know you are receiving the most value for your advertising dollar. There are numerous mediums available, with proponents of each promising theirs is the best methods. However, The Advertising Specialty Institute reports globally conducted surveys indicate specialty advertising on promotional items is one of the most cost-effective; surpassing […]

Promotional Products and Business Gifts Ideas for Fundraising

In the nonprofit world, fundraising never stops, but charitable donations rarely materialize on their own. Just like in the for-profit sector, marketers have to aggressively pursue donations  or these organizations will never meet their goals. Every penny counts when it comes to fundraising, so nonprofits are often hesitate to spend money on marketing. Despite this fact, the […]

Ecological Promos: 5 Eco-Friendly Promo Product Ideas

Eco-friendly promotional product ideas include giveaways with your company’s logo that will remind people of your commitment to a sustainable environment. The products can be a free gift with a purchase or a giveaway at a trade show or sponsored event. The eco-friendly items are often be made from recycled materials and they can prevent additional waste. 1. Bags […]

The Benefits of Giving Away Custom Promotional Products

When it comes to making positive impressions on colleagues, clients and employees, every company needs to do something memorable. Custom promotional items offer so many possibilities of making an impact whether it’s creating brand recognition at a trade show, showing customer appreciation, generating sales referrals, recognizing employees for a job well done and much more. […]