Getting Organized With Promotional Items

You want to put your brand at top-of-mind for your clients and customers, and that means placing your name and logo in front of their eyes frequently. One of the best ways to leverage promotional items with your logo is to emphasize organizational products—items that people will handle daily and associate with helpful, productive, positive interaction.

The people who receive your promotional items will be most likely to use and enjoy them if you go with items that are functional and that they might use regardless of branding. Organizational items work well to keep your name and logo in people’s hands, on their desks and walls, and part of their work environment. That means that the value of your promotional items will extend well after your interaction with the person.

Here are some great ways to incorporate promotional items for organization:

Notebooks, planners and calendars

Put your logo on a handy day planner, jotter, note pad, or other stationary and you will have your brand linked to a trusted and frequently used item that anyone can benefit from using. While some promotional items like novelties and gifts have a great impact because they’re fun and exciting, an organizational item like a notebook will be a useful item that your potential customers would need to buy and use regardless. Calendars can put your logo on people’s office walls for a whole year, while scratch pads and Post-Its will make your branding instantly shareable among coworkers.

Desk accessories

It takes a lot of work to keep work areas organized and clean—or just a good system of containers, clipboards and other desk accessories. By helping to clear desk clutter with your promotional items, you put your brand on people’s desks and in front of their eyes on a daily basis. Your name can also become associated with productivity and helpfulness. Desk accessories can be fun things like novelty paperweights and photo clip stands, as well as utilitarian goods like smartphone stands and multi-compartment pencil holders.

Bags and containers

From small totes to full-size duffels, bags and containers make excellent promotional items that people will enjoy using—while also carrying around and showing off your name and logo to other people. Promotional items like small duffel bags, drawstring backpacks and reusable grocery bags have become a beloved part of how we get around these days, and an impactful way to place your organization’s logo.