How To Add More Value To Your Promotional Items

Promotional items — the items businesses often give away — provide a better return on investment per impression than many other forms of advertising, including TV and radio. You, however, don’t want to waste money on items that don’t work. Here are some tips to help you add value to your promotional items.

Santa Rosa Promotional Items

Pick Useful Items

Since the idea of a promotional items is to keep your business name in front of your customer’s eyes, some of the best choices are those that a wide array of individuals use on a regular bases. These include coffee mugs, umbrellas, lip balm, and pens.

Create the Right Mix of High, Mid, and Low-Cost Items

Another good way to add value to your promotional items is to create a mix of high, mid, and low-cost items. You need something high-quality to give investors (who may be insulted by gifts they percieve as cheap), but you can’t afford to buy only high-end items. Memorable items worth $25 or more include watches and jackets, for the $10-25 range you may want to go with T-shirts and coffee mugs, and if you need effective but inexpensive items, consider plastic pens.

Employ Gender-Targeted Items

Though nobody can make any universal statements about what items men or women prefer, some generalities can guide your give-away procedure. As a general rule, men are more likely to own — and be drawn to — baseball caps and T-shirts, while women tend to like tote bags, writing instraments, and health and safety products.

Don’t Forget the Color

Color is another good way to add value to promotional items. Humans are instictively drawn to color, which holds the eyes and creates a more lasting impression than black-and-white or grayscale. If you don’t have a significant budget to invest in color printing, choose promotional materials that don’t cost much to print in color. As textile and paper printing costs are going down, clothing items and stationary are often good choices for color printing.

Train Your People

Promotional items are a great way to build and maintain brand awareness, but they’re only as good as the people handing them out. If your trade show workers or community presenters lack enthusiasm, seeing your logo will only remind your customers why they DON’T want to do business with you. Take the time to train your people in good networking and customer service. It’ll make your promotional items pay off.