Promotional Product Ideas and Unique Customized Gifts

Promotional Product Ideas Santa RosaWhen shopping for business gift ideas, it’s oftentimes hard to come up with that perfect gift for each person. Fortunately, it’s hard to go wrong with personalized gifts, so try out these customized gift and promotional product ideas.

  • A tote or backpack. For your friend or family member on the go, customize a bag with their name or favorite photo. This is also an excellent place to put your business’s logo.
  • A personalized puzzle. Whether you choose a picture of the recipient’s family or a street-map of their hometown, this customized gift is a great and thoughtful choice. These can also be used as interactive promotional product ideas – by the time they’ve put together a puzzle featuring your logo, they’ll have your business name and slogan down by heart. Depending on the age of your recipient or target audience, your puzzle can have anywhere from eight pieces to five-hundred.
  • Customized coloring booksKids absolutely love it when gifts are customized with their name, or even just the names of their family or pets. These also make for great promotional product ideas – children aren’t as opposed to blatant advertising as adults often are, so this is an excellent way to get your product’s name into the everyday household.
  • A personalized yoga mat. A perfect gift for the zen-oriented. You can monogram their initials on the end to give it a personal touch. Alternatively, you can make this a great promo for your zen-minded clients. Paste your logo at one end, and your clients will definitely have something to meditate over.
  • A customized cup. Everyone drinks, whether that drink is water, tea, coffee, or something stronger, and there’s a strong market for anything from mugs to shot glasses monogrammed with initials or flair from popular games and TV shows. There’s a customizable cup for all ages, and it’s not likely to break your pocketbook. These are also excellent promotional product ideas, but be sure your choice of cup/glass/bottle matches your target audience.
  • Customized clothing. Walk through any mall and you’ll see store after store proving that people love comfortable clothing, even despite some obnoxious advertising across the front. This makes clothing great for promotional product ideas and gifts alike.

These are just a few of many possible gift or promotional product ideas. When it comes down to it, however, the only one who can pick that perfect gift is you.