Using Branded Promotional Tote Bags As Promotional Items

Promotional Tote BagsIf you’re new to buying promotional items for your business, you may need reassurance that you’ve selected the right type.

Then again, if you’ve been buying the same promotional items for your business for a long time, you also might benefit from reassurance in staying the course.

Either way, there is no doubt that tote bags are your best bet and promise the greatest return on your investment.

Here’s why: Promotional items should be functional and hold the promise of being seen by many people.

While it may be tempting to choose something faddish or even quirky, such items lose their entertainment value quickly – and are usually just as quickly forgotten. At the other end of the spectrum, functional promotional items such as pens and desk accessories may be tempting because they are bound to be pressed into action. However, such products are usually used, and seen, only by the owner. Unless that is your objective, there is little promotional value to a business if a pen is tucked inside a desk drawer, purse or pocket where no one else will ever lay eyes on it.

By contrast, it’s a rare person who couldn’t use an extra tote bag to carry papers, books, a laptop or tablet, gym clothes, lunches or groceries. In addition to serving a practical purpose, tote bags literally carry the promise of being seen by a wide audience. And that’s exactly the kind of exposure that your business wants and expects when it budgets for promotional items.

Think of tote bags as something more, too: natural goodwill ambassadors insofar as they often spawn questions – as in, “Where did you get that bag?” – and the appreciative banter of the owner who is carrying it around. And every time the owner remembers the value of the bag, he is more likely to equate those goodwill feelings to your business. So if you haven’t already secured the loyalty of the tote bag owner, your company will remain top-of-mind every time he picks up the bag to use it.

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